How to determine whether there is a problem with the precision metal mold

1. Check whether the punching die gap is unreasonable (small), and increase the die gap.

2. Minimize wear, improve lubrication conditions, and lubricate discs and punches. The amount of oil and the number of fillings depend on the conditions of the cnc machining material. Cold-rolled steel plates, corrosion-resistant steel plates and other rust-free materials should be filled with oil in the mold. The oil injection points are guide bushes, oil injection ports, lower molds, etc. Change light oil. For rusty materials, the rust micropowder will be sucked between the punch and the guide sleeve during the processing, resulting in dirt, which prevents the punch from sliding freely in the guide sleeve. In this case, if oil is used, rust scale will be more likely to be contaminated. Therefore, when rinsing the material, the oil should be wiped clean and decomposed once a month. The dirt on the punch and lower mold should be removed with steam (diesel) oil, and then wiped clean before reassembly. In this way, it can ensure that the mold has good lubricating performance.

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