Do you know how to guarantee the quality of automotive stamping parts?

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Auto stamping parts mean that auto stamping parts will encounter such and other problems during the production process. It is inevitable that there will be abnormal marks. After polishing the surface with oilstone, bright spots and bright marks will appear. Scratches and bumps are generally caused by accidental operation by workers. As a result, the turnover of parts will also easily occur, and the more turnover, the more chances of bumps and scratches will occur.

Methods to ensure the quality of automobile stamping parts:

1. Auto stamping parts will be compressed and deformed when they are stretched to produce wrinkles. In order to avoid this kind of phenomenon, we can increase the internal tensile stress to eliminate wrinkles, and we can also increase tensile ribs and The reduction in radius. If he is partially deformed, then our stretching force will be higher. If the deformation of the outside material is too large, then there will be cracks. If we want to avoid this problem, then we must first cut the material to ensure the quality of the material.

2. If the tensile deformation force of the locally deformed stamping part is higher than that of the side wall material, it will cause two-way elongation and deformation. If the external material cannot supplement the interior, it is considered that the deformation is too large and cracks are generated. I want to overcome this situation , The blanking method should be used first to cut the material, which can ensure the quality of the edge section of the material, thereby improving the edge condition of the material, and appropriately increasing the material size to effectively determine the size of the concave flanging material.

3. The surface polished by oil will have a lot of bright spots and bright marks. If there are scratches or bumps, it is caused by the carelessness of our operators. Of course, it is easy to turn over the parts. If there are scratches, if the turnover is more, the chance of collision will increase.

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