The Standard Parameters Of Die Casting

Technical standards are the norms in international trade and serve as the basis for the design, manufacture, and acceptance of products. Guangdong Foundry Society and Guangdong Die Casting Society have collected some standards: Chinese national standards and industry standards for casting and die-casting, as well as corresponding standards in the United States, Europe, Japan, Australia, Germany, Russia and other countries.

Die casting standards include:

(1) General standards;

(2) Die casting machine standard;

(3) Die-casting mold standards;

(4) Alloy and process standards, including aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, zinc alloy, copper alloy, lead-tin alloy, etc.

Casting standards include:

(1) Basic general and casting process technical standards;

(2) Cast steel standard;

(3) Cast iron standards;

(4) Casting non-ferrous alloy standards;

(5) Modeling material standards;

(6) Investment casting standards, etc.

Die casting standard catalog

1. General Standard

China GB/T24001-1996 idt ISO 14001: 1996 Environmental Management System Specifications and Guidelines

GB/T19001-2000 idt ISO/FDIS9001: 2000 Quality Management System – Requirements

GB/T5611-1998 Casting Terminology

HB7578-1997 Casting Trial Formulation Specification

GB/T8063-94 Casting non-ferrous metals and alloys designation method

GB/T13822-92 Die-casting non-ferrous alloy sample

GB5678-85 Spectral analysis sampling method of cast alloy

HB5343-94 Casting process quality control

GB/T6414-1999 Castings Dimensional tolerance and machining allowance

GB/T15056-94 Casting surface roughness evaluation method

Second, the standard of die-casting machine

China JB/T8083-1999 die-casting machine type and basic parameters

JB/T8084.1-1999 cold chamber die casting machine accuracy

JB/T8084.2-1999 technical conditions of cold chamber die casting machine

JB/T6039.2-92 hot chamber die casting machine accuracy

Technical conditions of JB/T6039.3-92 hot chamber die casting machine

Three, die-casting mold standard

China GB8844-88 die-casting mold technical conditions

GB8847-88 Pressure Casting Mould Terminology

GB4678.1~15-84 Die casting mold parts

GB4679-84 Die-casting mold parts technical conditions

Fourth, alloy and process standards

1. Aluminum alloy

China GB/T1173-95 cast aluminum alloy

GB/T8733-2000 cast aluminum alloy ingot

YS/T282-2000 Aluminum master alloy ingot

JB/T7946.1-1999 cast aluminum silicon alloy modification

JB/T7946.2-1999 cast aluminum silicon alloy overburning

JB/T7946.3-1999 Cast aluminum alloy pinhole

GB/T15115-94 die-cast aluminum alloy

GB/T15114-94 aluminum alloy die casting

HB5012-86 aluminum alloy die casting

HB/Z220.2-92 Aluminum alloy metal mold casting

HB/Z220.3-92 Aluminum alloy low pressure casting

HB/Z220.4-92 aluminum alloy pressure casting

HB/Z220.7-92 aluminum alloy casting impregnation

GJB1695-93 Specification for heat treatment of cast aluminum alloy

International standard ISO3522-84 cast aluminum alloy

American ASTMB85-96 aluminum alloy die casting

ASTMB179-96 Aluminum alloy ingots for sand castings, permanent castings and die castings

ASTMB597-98 aluminum alloy heat treatment

Japan JISH2118: 2000 Aluminum Alloy Ingot for Die Casting

JISH5302: 2000 aluminum alloy die casting

2. Magnesium alloy

China GB1177-91 cast magnesium alloy

GB/T13820-92 Magnesium alloy castings

International standard ISO/DIS16220-1999 cast magnesium alloy

American ASTMB93/B93M-98 Magnesium alloy ingots for sand castings, permanent castings and die castings

ASTMB94-94 Magnesium Alloy Die Casting

Japan JISH2222-1991 Magnesium alloy ingot for die casting

JISH5303-1991 Magnesium alloy die casting

European EN1754-1997 magnesium and magnesium alloys-ingots and castings

Russia ΓOCT2856-79 Cast Magnesium Alloy 3. Zinc Alloy China GB/T1175-1997 Cast Zinc Alloy GB/T13818-92 Die Cast Zinc Alloy GB/T13821-92 Zinc Alloy Die Casting International Standard ISO301-1981 Zinc Alloy Ingot for Casting USA ASTMB86- 98 Zinc Alloy Die Castings ASTMB240-98 Zinc Alloy Ingots for Die Casting ASTMB327-98 Aluminum Master Alloys for Die Casting Zinc Alloys Japan JISH5301-90 Zinc Alloy Die Castings JISH2021: 1999 Zinc Alloy Ingots for Die Casting European EN 1774-1997 Cast Zinc Alloy EN 12844 :1998 Zinc and zinc alloy-casting-specification Russia ΓOCT19424-74 die-cast zinc alloy Australia AS1881-1986 zinc alloy 4. copper alloy China GB1176-87 casting copper alloy technical conditions GB/T15116-94 die-cast copper alloy GB/T15117-94 copper Alloy die casting US ASTMB176-95 Copper alloy die casting Japan JISH2202: 2000 Copper alloy ingots for foundry European EN1982: 1998 Copper and copper alloys-ingots and castings Russia ΓOCT17711-93 Casting brass chemical composition 5. Lead-tin alloy China GB/ T8740-1988 Casting lead-based bearing alloy ingot GB/T8740-1988 Casting tin-based bearing alloy ingot American ASTMB102-93 lead alloy and tin alloy die casting Japan JISH2231-1962 movable type metal ingot JISH5601-1990 Hard lead casting JISH5401-1958 bearing alloy Germany DIN1742-71 Tin die casting alloy DIN1741-1974 Lead alloy for die casting UK BS3332-1987 White alloy bearing alloy ingot Russia ΓOCT1320-74 Babbitt alloy

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