Describe in detail the industrial requirements of my country’s precision casting?

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Precision casting is the leader of the world’s foundry industry. As a representative of the foundry industry in the high-tech field, precision casting must play its exemplary role and lead role. However, the prerequisite for precision casting to play these two major roles is to be strong. Therefore, my country’s Precision casting should be developed first. Development requires established policies and development goals. The development goals of the precision casting industry are as follows:
First, complete the transition from labor and resource intensive to technology capital intensive in growth mode, and from extensive pollution to green intensive. The quality, variety and quantity of products are equivalent to the world’s advanced level, and the proportion of high-quality materials is rapid. With the increase, the production efficiency and economic benefits of the entire precision casting plant have doubled; environmental pollution has been effectively controlled, and a Chinese foundry material industry system that is in harmony with the environment has been initially established.
Second, form some R&D and education training bases with reasonable structure and high overall level that combine production, education and research, which can continuously send professional talents to enterprises, and continuously develop new varieties of high-quality and high-grade casting materials to meet the growing demand for casting materials. Need, and gradually increase the intensity of technology export.
Third, it is necessary to complete the adjustment of the industrial structure, eliminate a number of small precision casting factories with low technical level, poor product quality, serious pollution, and poor economic benefits, and form a relatively concentrated “small giant” and “star enterprise” to achieve “professionalism”. “Sized and large-scale” production. In particular, one or two key companies that can compete with world-renowned companies should emerge. They have high technical level, sophisticated process equipment, strong capital, and advanced management. They can continue to provide high-end and high-quality casting materials to the market, and have a market share. The rate is high.
If the precision casting industry can achieve the above development goals and strengthen itself, then the precision casting molding industry will definitely be able to play its pioneering role in the casting industry and drive the development of the casting industry.

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