What Requirements From The Materials Of Precision CNC Machined Parts ?

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During processing the cnc machining parts, there are definitely many things that you will pay attention to, and there will be many factors that affect the quality of the product, so we must pay attention to the details of the above issues, so let us take a look at the requirements of precision CNC machining parts processing on the materials ?
Precision CNC machining:
1.The first is the requirement for the hardness of the material. For some occasions, the higher the hardness of the material, the better, but it is limited to the hardness requirements of the machine. The material cannot be too hard. If it is harder than the machine, it cannot be processed.2. Secondly, the material is moderately soft and hard, at least one grade lower than the hardness of the machine. At the same time, it depends on what the processed device is used for, and the material is reasonably selected.
In short, there are still some requirements for materials in precision machining. Not all materials are suitable for processing, such as too soft or too hard materials. The former is not necessary for processing, while the latter cannot be processed.
Therefore, the most basic one is that you must pay attention to the density of the material before processing. If the density is too large, it is equivalent to a large hardness, and if the hardness exceeds the hardness of the machine (lathe and lathe), it is impossible to process, not only the parts will be damaged, and it will also cause dangers, such as the turning of the turning tool to hurt people. Therefore, in general, for mechanical processing, the material should be lower than the hardness of the machine tool so that it can be processed.
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