Modeling unit modeling operation program

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Finish covering, spraying (brushing) paint, and drying the paint on the mobile trolley, then move the trolley to the sand bucket to add sand and shake, then remove the cover back film, vacuum, and the top box to lift the mold and remove it. mold. The electric mobile trolley moves back and forth on a fixed track, and the mobile trolley is equipped with a vibration table, a negative pressure box, a template and a pattern. The electric heater is on the upper part of the trolley, and there is a moving mechanism that can concurrently manage two molding machines, and an automatic heating and laminating mechanism is adopted.

After the film is vacuumed, the paint is sprayed (brushed), then the paint is dried, and the sand box is placed. After completing the appeal process, drive the moving trolley to the sand bucket, the air spring is inhaled, the vibrating table is lifted, the sand box is connected with the rain and sand adding device, and the sand cylinder is driven to add sand to the sand box and vibrate.

After arriving in the process room, stop the shaking, the shaking table is lowered, and the electric trolley is moved to the original position, covering the back film and vacuuming the mold, moving to the modeling trolley to the top box mechanism for top box ejection, and then moving out up and down The sand box is closed at the place where the box is closed.

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