Maintenance knowledge of four column hydraulic press in winter

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Although the severe winter is leaving soon, the protection of Dongguan four column Hydraulic Press equipment needs to be strengthened. In particular, the environment of some four column hydraulic press equipment working outdoors is very bad. Because the working objects are generally metal products such as iron plate, it is also easy to wear. In addition, the cold weather and humid air make the four column hydraulic press equipment particularly easy to rust.

The rust of the four column hydraulic press will affect the work efficiency, reduce the output, or stop production, and even pay for maintenance.

First of all, the simplest and most effective way to prevent the four column hydraulic press from rusting is to apply anti-oxidation paint to the four column hydraulic press machinery, and apply mineral oil, paint, fired enamel, plastic spraying, etc. on the surface of iron products. A layer of non rust metal, such as zinc, tin, chromium, nickel, etc., is plated on the steel surface by electroplating, hot plating and other methods. These metal surfaces can form a dense oxide film to prevent iron products from rusting due to contact with water, air and other substances. In addition, if paint drops on the metal surface of the four column hydraulic press, anti-oxidation paint shall be applied in time.

In some users in severe cold areas in the north, due to the low temperature in winter, the four column hydraulic press is in the shutdown state, so the four column hydraulic press also needs to be stored in a dry and ventilated environment, and it is best to apply lubricating oil to all parts such as parts. Due to the influence of temperature, the lubricating oil of some hydraulic press equipment is easy to solidify. Therefore, it is necessary to select the lubricating oil suitable for low temperature resistance. It is best to select the lubricating oil series with low condensation point. According to the principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction, the gap between moving parts tends to shrink with the decrease of temperature, which can ensure that the parts are more wear-resistant at low temperature. The oil tank volume and volume of the current four column hydraulic press are small, and the amount of lubricating oil that can be held inside will be relatively small.

If the oil temperature is too high in the operation of the four column hydraulic press, the lubricating oil needs to have good oxidation resistance and thermal stability.

When it is found that the four column hydraulic press has rusted, there are three solutions. Firstly, chemical derusting can be used. In the chemical field, acidic substances can react with metal oxides to remove the corrosion products on the mechanical metal surface of four column hydraulic press, that is, the so-called pickling derusting can only be operated in the workshop. Then, high-pressure water abrasive is used to remove rust, and the impact of high-pressure water jet and water prying are used to destroy the adhesion of rust and coating to steel plate.

It is characterized by no dust pollution, no damage to the steel plate, greatly improving the derusting efficiency and high derusting efficiency. However, the steel plate after derusting is easy to rust again, so it must be coated with a special wet derusting coating, which has a great impact on the coating of general performance coatings. Electric derusting can also be used, mainly powered by electricity or compressed air, equipped with appropriate derusting devices for reciprocating motion or rotary motion to meet the derusting requirements of various occasions.

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