Interpretation of German “Industry 4.0” Strategy

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We have a project office, an executive committee, this executive committee is the CTO of some major companies, we have a steering committee, and four working groups. The first working group is responsible for strategy, the second working group is responsible for standards, the third working group is research and development, and the fourth working group is responsible for security issues.

At the core of this platform are 150 experts from the working group. The member companies of the three major associations have also joined the work of our industry platform, which represents the machinery industry, the electronics industry and the ICT industry, which can be said to represent us more completely. The supplier of Industry 4.0 in various industries. The main goal of the three associations is to lead all enterprises to ensure the transfer of knowledge.

ICT standards are top-down, formulated by some consortia, and are mainly market-driven. The possible standardization process in the mechatronics industry is a bottom-up process.
On this platform, there are only three technical issues, that is, standards, R&D, and safety. Other issues, such as vocational training, are not discussed. I hope that I can focus my energy as much as possible to ensure success.

Industry 4.0 refers to the integration, management, and organization of the entire value chain at a higher and newer level. It is based on the timely provision of all networked information, and it operates across the entire value chain

The outer layer of the physical component is covered with a layer of management shell. This management shell contains the virtual embodiment of Industry 4.0 components, which is embodied in digital form. It is all information about this component and describes the function of this component. It comes from Where to wait. And this shell also ensures that this part is related to the entire Industry 4.0 system.

Suggestions for the implementation of Industry 4.0. The first is the horizontal integration of the value chain. Some methods are needed in R&D for the formation of these value networks. The second area is seamless connection, that is, the seamless connection between mass assets and the virtual world, which is the seamless connection between information software. The third aspect is the vertical integration of production networks, which is the vertical integration of enterprises. The most important topic is the sensor network in R&D and the production line related to smart machines, as well as flexibility and adaptability. The fourth area is the new basic community, such as multi-modal assistance systems and new tools. The fifth is about the dissemination of technical knowledge. The attractiveness of the factory to young people must be considered, and employees must be able to apply new technologies.

To be able to communicate between various systems, the first point requires a very reliable and secure communication network. The second point is microelectronics. The communication of modern machines is carried out electronically and through the network. We must consider methods to protect the production line and protect them from attacks, such as using some encryption algorithms and other algorithms to protect them.

The seamless communication of Industry 4.0 must ensure that components can be accurately and reliably identified. The next step includes the development of the management shell. The last is the definition of the basic standards of interoperability and interoperability of Industry 4.0 components. On the one hand, there must be standard components, and on the other hand, the manufacturers of the components must leave a certain amount of space during production, so that the standards produced by different manufacturers can be interoperable.

Some research on existing issues has now been carried out. For example, identity security, for example, for people, products, and machines to ensure that they are secure, and communications between companies are also secure, that is, to ensure encrypted communications between companies.

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