Analysis of the processing technology of carbide precision hardware parts

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Cemented carbide refers to a kind of alloy material made by the powder metallurgy process of the hard compound of the more refractory metal and the bond metal. One or more of the carbon compounds and the bond metal alloy are usually Called cemented carbide, manufacturers of precision parts and components cannot do without cemented carbide.
Cutting price is a common way of cutting hard alloy bars, plates and wires. For grooving or cutting under 1mm, ultra-thin diamond slices are commonly used for processing. Diamond resin matrix slices, in which the outer ring belt is resin The middle part of the bond abrasive working layer is made of high-strength and high-rigidity metal material, which is often used in medium- or large-scale deep-cut grooving and cutting.
In the process of turning cemented carbide parts, the hardness of the tool itself must be higher than the hardness of the processed parts. Therefore, the current tool materials for turning cemented carbide parts are mainly made of high-hardness, high-heat-resistant non-metallic adhesive PCD and PCD. Mainly CBN.
1. For cemented carbide parts with hardness less than HRA90, choose BNK30 material CBN tool for cutting with a large margin, and the tool will not be brittle or burn; for cemented carbide parts with hardness greater than HRA90, generally choose CDW025 material PCD tool or Adopt resin bond diamond grinding wheel for grinding2. When performing precision machining of grooves above R3 on cemented carbide, for those with a relatively large machining allowance, generally use BNK30 material CBN tools for rough machining, and then use a grinding wheel for grinding. The machining allowance is relatively small. , Experience directly use grinding wheel for grinding, or use PCD tool for profiling processing;
  3. When processing the crescent grooves of cemented carbide rolls, use CDW025 diamond milling cutters, which are also called flying cutters or rotary milling cutters in the industry;Previous: What should we pay attention to when processing cnc machining parts?Next: The difference between the medical device CNC machining industry and other CNC machining industries(3)

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