2013-05-24 09:04 GANGER CNC:master the core technology as the industry brand

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2013-05-24 09:04GANGER CNC:master the core technology as the industry brand

Ji’nan GANGER CNC was founded in 2005, mainly engaged in the numerical control (CNC) equipment production and sales, in recent years the company focus on technological innovation, focus on the Cnc Engraving Machine R & D and production, strict product quality, with a series of key technological breakthroughs and independent production capacity increases, the rising market share.

Good product quality. Choose the products to our most important is to look at the carving machine product quality, if quality is not good, who choose not to. All kinds of engraving machine CNC production in Ji’nan River are the best engraving machine accessories imported or industry, assembly of first-class technology, product quality has always been in the industry leading level.

After sale service. Ji’nan Jianghe NC scale enterprises, high-quality customer service has won the praise of customers. The company has a technical department, customer service department, sales department, specialized and professional customer service team, as long as you choose the company’s products, you will enjoy the high quality of the all in one service.

Take the customer as the center, tailored for customers to provide personalized service. Company can according to customer’s specific requirements, design and production of various CNC advertising machine, woodworking machine, stone machine, CNC engraving equipment.

At present, the Ji’nan River Industrial and Trading Company, main products cover a woodworking engraving machine, engraving machine, engraving machine, plasma cutting machine, cylinder engraving machine, Mold machine and other major series, widely used in machinery manufacturing, furniture, mold, jade, musical instruments, the advertising industry, stone processing industry in different industries, and exported to countries around the world. Looking to the future, Ji’nan GANGER CNC will continue to survive by quality, to promote the development of integrity of purpose, and strive to produce first-class products, casting industry brand.

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